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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lawn Maintenance: Things To Know When Building A Swimming Pool.

Lawn Maintenance

When you decide to build a swimming pool, the work doesn’t finish with filling it with water. Aside from the pool itself, which will serve as recreation and fun for the warmest days of the summer, we also have to think about the surrounding area , for example a lawn, and choose the most suitable material to pave it. This decision is more important than you think, since security and hygiene are factors we must be able to count on in this zone. For one simple reason: we frequently resort to the lawn when using the pool because it’s natural, fresh, and offers a break from splashing in the pool to soak up the sun.

However, not all kinds of grass are suitable. You have to consider that around the swimming pool, the lawn must fight against excessive humidity, the corrosion caused by chlorine and continuous footsteps of the swimmers. In spite of the disadvantages, it’s a perfect option to rest and take in the sun, as well as the best, most natural, non-skid and hygienic material.

A swimming pool poses the dilemma of every gardener: either a resistant lawn to handle all the traffic and some of the “aggressive” ingredients that the water contains, or a "pretty" lawn; because when walking barefoot, the quality and smoothness of the leaves can really be appreciated. These are characteristics you normally don’t find with the most resistant varieties.

Recommended types:
The grass that you’re going to install must meet a series of requirements:

· Resistant to the sun
· Able to withstand footsteps (traffic)
· Resistant to salinity, chlorine and other chemicals
· Maximum ornamental quality (dense and fine)

Having said that, "the most recommended lawn" is the one that has mixture of the following seeds: poa pratensis, festuca red, English ryegrass and agrostis tenuis. Any balanced mixture of these species is adequate for these surroundings ". In addition, poa pratensis is perfect for avoiding excessive maintenance tasks.

However, there are solutions on the market for every taste. From brand names that offer pre-made mixtures of the most suitable varieties, to artificial grass “carpets” that can be a nice permanent solution.

Additional maintenance tips:

· Assist the drainage using a thorn to help filter the water better. This is specially important at the edge of the swimming pool, where there always is an excess of humidity. Don’t forget that between the lawn and the swimming pool there must be a meter and a half space that separates them, for cleanliness, aesthetics and safety. It’s essential to incorporate a path of some sort to and from the pool and a shower to wash between bath and bath, since the lawn and the dirt can soil and cloud the water easily.
· Scarifying consists of eliminating dead weeds and vegetal residues that remain on the lawn which can choke or prevent the passage of fertilizer. It’s recommended to spend some time with this activity once or twice a year.
· Finally, air the zone using a specific tool. Puncturing the surface will make the turf able to oxygenate. Once that is done, cover the holes with crowd, or a mixture with sand.

Lawn Maintenance

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Blogger Sean said...

For sure these are the correct measures..But see do you have any solution for this problem....I went to a local pool company to finance a pool , two days after going they sent it to their finance office and they wanted a payment , equity one ... I had no pool installed and told the finance comp. they said I signed the contract it was binding ., I called pool comp. they came out to my house three weeks later installed the pool when I was not home damaged my yard, and then walked off the job when I asked them to fix it , I called the finance com, who tried to get the pool com. to come out and fix it , the finance com , then went on to say the pool was mine free and clear... I did not hear from any of them for over a month and hired others from aquabot to finish the pool . The finance com. has since filed suit, I retained an attorney who has not been much helpful. sMy credit has since been ruined. I offered to pay for the work that was performed but the finance com, wants all the money. even though there was a breach , they are making it out that they were victimed and I was stiffing them..
Do you suggest any remedy for that....

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